Hollywood loves a good story, and even better, a good sequel. Fresh off of last year’s Oscar wins, Sapphire, author of the novel Push which inspired the award-winning film “Precious,” is reportedly working on a sequel, tentatively entitled, The Kid.

The Kid follows the son of Claireece “Precious” Jones, the sexually abused, illiterate heroine of Push. This coming-of-age story focuses on Claireece’s son as he navigates the mean streets of New York City that threatened to swallow his mother whole. While Push ended with Claireece finding out she was HIV-positive, her son doesn’t have the disease. What he does have, however, is the soul of an artist, which he hopes will keep him alive.

Although Push enjoyed a substantial sales boost due to the film adaptation, many are still debating the novel’s content. Some felt it offered a stereotypical view of urban life, while others hailed it as a true-to-life snapshot of New York City in the 80s. Whatever side of the debate you fall on, one thing cannot be denied: Sapphire weaves one hell of a story.

Sapphire, born Ramona Lofton, is a Brooklyn-based poet and professor. She is the author of three works of poetry, and she sold her debut novel, Push, to Vintage at auction for $500,000 in 1995. The novel, The Kid, was purchased by Penguin Press and is scheduled to be published in the Summer of 2011.

Do you think Push needs a sequel? Are you looking forward to reading The Kid? You tell us!

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  • Fa

    thank God!

  • I don’t think a sequel would hurt anything. I think Push open a lot of eyes about something that people are so scared to talk about. I would love to see what happened with her life as well as her son.

  • Please no!!!!! Not another one! Now it’s the son, huh? So what will be the deal with him? You know it has to be something horrific. Maybe he’ll have one short leg, half blind and gay. People confuse “realism” with “Shock value”.

    “Precious” was a train wreck. First she lived in the hood, then she was raped by her father (repeatedly), then he impregnates her, she has a severe low esteem mother, that sexually molests her also, she can’t read (meaning Precious or her mother), and oh, let’s just throw in she caught HIV form her father also. Damn, silly me, can’t forget a Down Syndrome baby also (forgive me if I left anything else out).

    Sounds like a wonderful movie! Why? Well, because this stuff really happens you know!

    Well sex with animals really happens also, I don’t see anyone tackling that issue. Maybe she’ll add that one to the sequel. Now the son is an artist. What a Rapper, a Painter, what? Does it sound typical to you so far? This stuff boggles my mind on how people give “hype” such critical acclaim. It’s like the thousands of Black folks that love Donald Goines books, “oh, the books are so real about the Pimps and Drug Dealers”. When the majority of the readers face that soon as they walk out to door and is their primary complaint about their neighborhood, yet at the same time enjoy reading it in a book! It’s cRaZy!!!

    The truly sad part about “Precious” is finding out the author is a Professor. That alone almost drove me to tears.

  • I’m ambivalent about this, mostly because of Souldjah’s sequel to “Coldest Winter” and McMillan’s sequel to “Exhale”…i disliked both. while i almost never expect sequels to be as good as the first, those two sequels had me frustrated and annoyed at two people who used to be my favorite authors. I just don’t want that to happen with this one.

    A part of me wants Sapphire to just leave the story alone, but there is also a part of me that is definitely interested in how she will weave this story, so i’m sure i’ll pick it up.