Trying something new can be a scary thing, especially when it takes you out your comfort zone (see Keri Hilson and Rihanna). It’s been times, when we have seen a color on one of our favorite celebs or tastemakers and have been scared to try it out on ourselves for a number of reasons.

Clutchettes—we want to know if you have ever wanted to color your hair but were scared? Make sure you dish on the one color you are dying to try but are scared to!

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  • Wendy

    I’ve always wanted to try a blue or purple color. But when trying these colors you have to bleach your hair. :( But now that i’m getting older I’m not even sure if it appropriate anymore. I guess I missed my opportunity. I’ve also wanted to try the Kelis grey hair look as well. Love Kelis!

  • i’ve never been afraid of trying new colors, i”ve gone completely blond (my natural color isdark brown) to having pink highlights etc. a lot of times i end up spending an entire day at the salon just so i get the exact color i want. i don’t think anybody should be afraid because if worse comes to worse you just dye it back to your natural color.
    so if in doubt, just go for it!!!

    xoxo Anna