Wintertime is filled with scarves, coats and oversized sweaters. With 20 layers on to keep warm, you might wonder how you might stay sexy and embrace your feminine side when you’re rocking 35 lbs of clothing. Sexy does not necessarily mean having to show every ounce of your skin when you are out and about. It’s all about less-is-more in most cases. Here are some subtle fashion tips that will leave you feeling sexy all winter long!

Shoulder Shimmy—People oftentimes forget that shoulders even exist when it comes to clothing. In actuality, shoulders are one of the softest traits women have. Even though this is the season of oversized sweaters, next time pick an off-the-shoulder oversized sweater. This way you can still be comfortable and playfully sexy.

Uncover the Collarbone—The collar bone, really? I know most of you are asking yourself this as you’re reading. But Yes! The collarbone is also one of the other secret places on the body that never gets exposed, or gets overexposed. When you make this section a focus point from the waist up it allows others to appreciate the extremely feminine bone structure. A v-neck or boat-neck top is perfect to show off this part of the body.

Full Figure View—Even though you are covered from head to toe in layers, this does not mean your figure has to be lost. I’m not encouraging the idea that everything you place on your body be ridiculously skin tight either, just remember that you still have your awesome summer body hiding under there. Find a pair of jeans or leggings that enhances your curves. It’s important to keep it balanced when showing off your figure, so if you rock a fitted bottom go for a looser top. Even though the top is loose find a skinny belt to cinch your fly waist!

In all honesty, feeling sexy and attractive is a state of mind, and fashion just acts as an accessory to it. It’s not all about always showing every piece of cleavage and not being able to sit down because your dress is too short (we all have at least one dress like that). These are the perfect months to leave some mystery when it comes to dressing and being sexy. Comfort is key to keeping you sexy. There is nothing worse than seeing a young lady yanking and pulling down her dress because she feels uncomfortable in it. So ladies, throw a smile on your face, embrace your traits—and embrace your sexy!

-Ellisa Oyewo

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