The temperatures outside are steadily dropping, and we’ve traded our flirty summer dresses for wool coats and turtlenecks. With the change in temperature, comes a change in how we socialize as well. As Jessica Smith so aptly penned in “It’s Cuffin’ Season,” gone are the white parties, barbeques, and cruises around the harbor. Instead, this time of the year finds us at intimate dinner parties and holiday office soirées, or hugged up with a special friend.

Along with a warm winter coat, a fine pinot noir, and a fly boo thing, one item you’ll need this season is a good soundtrack to set the mood off right. The perfect song can turn a cold apartment into the hottest, sexiest place on earth within a few minutes. And there’s nothing worse than messing up the mood by fumbling around to find the perfect CD or skipping songs on your iPod.

Because CLUTCH has your back, I’m sharing a few of my favorite sexy songs that are sure to keeping you and your boo harmonizing all night long.

Sumthin’ Sumthin’, Mellosmoothe Remix: Maxwell is the King of Cuffin.’ From “Till the Cops Come Knocking” to “Fortunate,” we could create a whole list based on this sexy crooner’s songs alone. But this gem from the “Love Jones” Soundtrack just oozes sensuality and is sure to set your whole night on fire.

The Panties: Don’t sleep on Black Dante, he’s not only a beast on the mic, but can also sing you out of your panties, too. Arguably Mos Def’s sexiest joint ever, “The Panties” will have you and your boo singing, “baby slow down, take your time” until the sun comes up.

Anytime, Anyplace: Just call her Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty, and, oh boy, this song will have you wanting to do some things that might make Janet blush. Warning: don’t put this one on if all you and your partner want to do is talk.

Soon As I Get Home: We love Faith’s straightforward classic. Fueled by her airy voice and classic 90’s sound, put this song on if you’ve got some making up to do and want to let your lover know what he or she is in for.

Freek’N You: 90’s R&B had it going on, and nobody did sexy like Jodeci.  While not the most romantic song, “Freek’N You” gets right to the point. And sometimes, that’s all you really want to do anyway.

You Move Me: Perfect for those cold and rainy nights, “You Move Me” is another winner from the “Love Jones” Soundtrack. While the entire soundtrack could carry you through the night, Cassandra Willson’s careful delivery and husky voice make this beautiful song a standout.

Mind Sex: Who said hip-hop couldn’t be sexy? Conscious duo, Dead Prez, put aside their revolutionary raps for a minute to drop one of the most sensual songs I’ve ever heard. “Mind Sex” proves that one of the sexiest things someone can do is appeal to your mental first.

Soul Sista: What can I say about this one? From the moment it begins you know Bilal means business. Sounding more like a missive, “Soul Sista” is a classic love song that’s sexy as hell and ultra smooth. Throw it on when you plan on taking your time to enjoy your partner’s company.

Say Yes: All you have to do is say yes to Floetry’s sultry hit. From the piano riffs to the Floacist’s breathy pleas, this joint will have you and your lover in the mood for an all night session.

How Does It Feel: D’Angelo was definitely channeling Prince in this ultra seductive ballad. Lasting nearly eight minutes, this song is perfect for long make-out sessions. As the song builds to its crescendo, and D’Angelo’s voice goes from calm to keyed up, you might just hit yours too.

What songs put you in the mood? Help us add to our Cuffin’ Season Soundtrack!

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