Every since Tom Ford’s mega show on September 12—introducing his inaugural womenswear line on the bodies of Julianne Moore, Beyoncé, Liya Kedebe, Lauren Hutton, you name it—the famed menswear designer sent the fashion media into a complete frenzy. Online media had to wait out our “first looks” while the Ford camp kept a tight leash on any Web sighting of his impeccable craftsmanship, now Vogue has the exclusive images of the buzzing collection sure to transform contemporary women’s fashion.

The 49-year-old designer produced womenwear in the 90s for iconic brands like Gucci and YSL. Since the launch of his own brand in 2005, Tom Ford has become a staple go-to for modern and sleek mens’ suits, worn by stars like Will Smith, Denzel Washington and fashion-head Kanye West. Tom Ford’s ascent back into womenswear not only sent fashionistas gone wild, but, according to notable fashion critic Sarah Mower, “Glamour is, after all, what Ford is for in fashion, and this is his new reading.”

A new reading indeed laced with theatrics and old money. Ford’s first women’s collection is the culmination of the best of womenswear over the last century. It invokes Dior’s “New Look,” YSL’s “Le Smoke” and modern Dior with it’s pop of pattern and bold color. And if you’ve seen Ford’s film, “A Single Man,” you would agree that Julianne Moore’s costuming has literally taken a leap from the silver screen to the rack.

Click the images for larger view. Ladies, what’s your verdict?

–Geneva S. Thomas

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