Two members of the Sugar Mocs dance team at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga were benched for a football game because they refused to wear their new tiny uniforms.

Jennifer Cardwell and Shawna O’ Neal, both University students, claimed that the new uniforms included ridiculously small booty shorts that they were required to wear. The girls wanted to wear flesh-colored tights under their shorts, but their coach did not agree with their sentiment.

According to News Channel 9, local television station in Chattanooga, the coach’s reason for benching the two dancers was because she valued style over individual observance.

The Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Development, Dee Dee Anderson, claimed that the team had previously agreed to wear the shorts without tights, so others didn’t have them the night of the game, and they all needed to match.

“The coach understands those concerns and is addressing that.” Anderson says she approved the uniforms. “These shorts are typical for dance lines, dance shorts that are made for this, it’s not a uniform that’s unusual.”

However, fellow dancers on the team, like Megan Nash, also found the shorts distasteful, especially after wearing them on game night. “At first the shorts fit right, but after we started dancing the shorts shifted and I was showing more skin than I would have liked to,” Nash told The University Echo. “I’ve seen pictures of myself after the game and couldn’t believe I wore them. I was embarrassed to represent my school like that in front of 17,000 people.”

Currently, the uniform in question is under review and a final decision may be made by the dancers.

What do you think? Should the students have been benched for refusing to maintain uniform policies? Or did they have a right to protect their appearance amongst their peers?

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  • clnmike

    Thats a mixed bag, if they knew what the uniform was before hand and agreed to wear it then they really have no room to complain. At the same time it looks like the coach is pimping them. Whats the problem with wearing tights? Better yet why choose this style of out fit in the first place for college girls? Its a dance team, thats what they should be judged on, dancing. And this is coming from a dude who greatly enjoys watching half naked women.

  • ProofOfLife

    Since the complaint seems to be shared by both those who wore and didn’t wear the shorts, then a uniform review is definitely in order.

  • dhonesty1

    they should change the damn uniform.. eventually they’ll be wearing thongs on the field.. a mess..

  • sloane

    i don’t think there would’ve been an issue if the coach had compromised with the dancers who wanted to wear the tights in the first place and just let them wear the tights. it’s not like they wanted to wear something that wildly deviated from the uniform, they wanted to feel decent and comfortable while they were dancing. i don’t know how well someone would dance anyway if they worried that everytime they kicked up a leg they were showing some labia.

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