With nearly 15 million Americans unemployed, many jobless workers are itching to find a way back into the workplace. A recent survey conducted by Rutgers University’s Heldrich Center for Workforce Development explored whether or not job seekers

are truly willing to take any job out there—and what they would sacrifice to be gainfully employed again.

The survey consisted of a sample of 818 American workers who were interviewed over the summer months of July and August. Three-quarters of the respondents said that unemployed workers should just accept any temporary job, find a job in an alternative career field, or be willing to work for less pay and undesirable hours.

On the flip side, respondents overwhelmingly agreed that an increase in travel time to work was not a factor that they were willing to sacrifice in exchange for a new job.

What would you give up to get a job during the economic recession?

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  • JSim21

    There are a lot of things people have to consider when they are looking for a job if they are unemployed. I don’t believe that just because you are unemployed you should just take whatever there is out there. Sometimes the costs are not worth it. Being miserable at work makes your financial situation worse…having a job that is far from your home may have you spending more money on gas, thus you are still not getting anywhere…or you may have children or other obligations at home or health problems or ANYTHING that you have to consider.

    It’s easy for those of us with jobs to tell people who don’t have them what they should be doing, but we aren’t in their situation.

    Now having too much pride for a particular job is something totally different.

    But I do hope that the job market gets better for those who are looking and for those who want/need a career change.

  • oknow

    i wouldn’t just take anything if i’m going to wound up w/nothing in the end. i was offered a job about 2 hours away and i had to pay tolls and gas to get there. the pay was so minute that by the time i deducted gas, tolls, and taxes i was better off w/my unemployment.. plus the time it would take me to get there and get home.. i would barely see my children..

    Thank God i was blessed w/a job closer to home and making more $$$$..

  • Juelz98

    Sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. With unemployment the way it is, sometimes you have to give a little to get a little. I knew this one lady who drove over 90 miles to her job everyday — I’m like you might as well move down there. Travel is crucial to the job you select. A one hour to one hour and half max is all I can do–especially if I’m traveling from the ‘burbs to the inner city or taken a train into NY. People need to definitely consider expenses and how much they will really earn at a new job.