From The BVX — Are Jay-Z, Kanye West and Beyonce spokespeople for the occult, secret societies and devil worship? You’veheard the rumors, seen the spooky YouTube videos and have even gotten and MC Hammer’s two cents but TheBVX has enlisted Internets Celebrity Dallas Penn to put this urban legend to bed.

Is there any rapper more influential than Jay-Z?

Possibly ‘Pac, but for almost every other rapper their rhymes are considered just that, rhymes. Even Nas — who often puts religious imagery into his lyrics — doesn’t invoke the fervor for his verses that Jay-Z does. So when Jay-Z makes an occult allusion in a song his detractors tell us it is because he has been indoctrinated into the Illuminati. Yeah, the same Illuminati supposedly responsible for the New World Order (and much lesser known achievement like the better tasting Coke Zero).

This has got to be the most ridiculous hip-hop rumor ever. While Jay-Z is part of the pantheon of greatest songwriters of all time he isn’t a musician on the level of someone who can touch the majority of our nation, like Eminem could or Taylor Swift. If I was a governor in the Illuminati I wouldn’t sponsor Jay-Z for membership either. Jay-Z is on the verge of being marginalized in rap music due to his age. Lil’ B would be a better choice for Illuminati spokesman since he’s twenty years younger, claims to look like Jesus and at least he espouses cocaine use and bisexuality, like Aleister Crowley.

Pop musicians have such an abbreviated shelf life that it would be farfetched for a secret society to use them to promote their movement. I mean, think about it… Isn’t Jay-Z famous for rapping about stuff he has supposedly done? If you are a SECRET society with anything big in the works do you want some entertainer dry-snitching your plans to the public? Seriously speaking, the Illuminati has spent generations putting thePale White Horse agenda into effect and then all of a sudden they contract a rap dude to promote them? Please, give the Illuminati a little credit.

Those of you who want to believe Jay-Z is into devil worship have plenty examples to use without even bringing out the ‘Run This Town’ or ‘On To The Next’ videos. You could complain about all the alcohol he has promoted like Armadale or this Ace of Spades crap. Alcohol is referred to as spirits since they allow you to see dead people when you drink too much of it, but then if Jay-Z is so devilish why isn’t he promoting 4Loko? That stuff right there is the devil’s water, or at least his favorite brand of malt liquor.

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  • Im just saying.. that whoever said that Jay Z “isn’t a musician on the level of someone who can touch the majority of our nation, like Eminem could or Taylor Swift” is tripping.” He does have that power. Involvement in the occult is very possible because of the simple fact that there is more than one artist that are in on this “occult” agenda. Look at Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato, Kylie Minogue and many more. They all have international appeal and have fans other than black people and they are Entertainment Machines powered by the wealthy. Who do you think controls the media, politics, and entertainment? The wealthy! So this higher influential “Illuminati” is very possible. We are so obsessed with other things and refuse to read and educate ourselves on the deceit of the government.

  • Victoria

    “Music is what feelings sound like.”

    Therefore, the music you CHOOSE to listen to says a lot about you. To me, the debate isn’t whether he worships the devil or not, but why so many people support him. They have deemed him the greatest rapper alive. When I look at Jay-Z’s history, I wonder how did that happen?!

    First of all, in what was considered one of the greatest battles of all time between him and Nas, Nas was the winner…everyone knows this. When he went on Hot 97 and basically cried and complained about them playing Nas’ Ether, which destroyed him, I was convinced, he was done with. lol But now let’s look at the two of them. Where is Nas? Struggling to pay child support, had 3 great albums out in the last 2 years that had no airplay and no support from his label and he’s struggling to get his new album even OUT….a rap legend and lyricist who can annihilate anyone out right now can’t even get an album out??? But Jay-Z is called the greatest rapper alive? Married to the “Queen of Pop” (Billboard’s term), on Forbe’s richest list, etc.

    So I ask, how did that happen?! Not everything that glitters is gold….nor God. Just b/c an artist has the money and “success” does not mean it was given to them by God. Jay-Z is where he is because of the money he brings in. He is a great rapper, but that has nothing to do with his morals or who he is as a person. We need to wake up if he start equating the two.

  • ghassan

    Anyone whose ever studied semiotics, and then applies that study of symbols to these hip hop and pop stars can clearly see that there is no mere coincidence to what’s in their videos.

    God and the devil don’t exist, but there’s still a lot of power behind these concepts for groups who believe they do.

    Jay-Z, Rhianna, Beyonce, Lady GaGa, and many others, they’re just puppets of a much larger game. They’re given power and fame in exchange for using themselves to show these symbols and perform these rituals that give these groups, call them Illuminati if you will, more power.

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  • David Bowcott

    God and the Devil do exist.