Willow Smith performed her chart-climbing hit, “Whip My Hair,” on the “Ellen” show yesterday. This was Willow’s first live television performance ever. The 10-year-old killed it with that awesomely large voice belting out of her tiny frame. Her hair, outfit and moves were on point! Rihanna better watch out!

Check out Willow’s performance! Share your thoughts!

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  • disgusted

    She is adorable! She’s performing a lyrically appropriate song for other little girls to listen to. As a mother I appreciate that. All of the grown women criticizing a 10 year old little girl’s performance and talent level need some self-esteem counseling. Nothing can be lower than what you are doing. You are pathetic and a poor example to any little girls you know. HATERS suck!

  • shakarah

    woop woop rhianna’s got competition!! i just love the song and willow is so cute.
    it’s good to persue your childrens dreams as long as their being educated.