File this under, WTF.

Michele Kalina, A 44-year-old Pennsylvania woman, is accused of murdering at least four of her newborn children in an attempt to cover up an affair.

Kalina was arraigned in court on Wednesday after being accused of hiding the remains of five babies in her home. The newborns were found either stuffed in coolers or covered up with concrete in the closet of her apartment. The medical examiner said the killings were consistent with asphyxia, poisoning or neglect. Also, according to reports, at least four of the five children were born alive.

The Associated Press reports that Kalina was charged with one count of homicide and several counts of abuse of a corpse and concealing the death of a child.

If you thought it couldn’t get any worse, you were wrong. Waaaay wrong.

The prosecutor alleges Kalina “conceived the infants through an affair with a man who was unaware of the pregnancies. They say she also had a daughter by him, whom she gave up for adoption in 2003.” (source)

When first questioned about the babies’ remains, Kalina told police that she didn’t know how they ended up in her closet. Later, she told police she was an alcoholic and prone to blackouts. Kalina’s husband and 19-year-old daughter told authorities she instructed them not to look in the closet.

While infanticide is shocking, it’s nothing new. There have been several cases throughout the years involving mothers who kill their babies. However, experts are stumped by this case.

“At the end of the day we have to admit that sometimes we never have a motive,” Dr. Avidan Milevsky told the Reading Eagle, Kalina’s local newspaper. “This is such a disturbing case that we have nothing to compare it to.”

If convicted, Kalina could face anywhere from 2 ½ years to life in prison depending on whether the prosecutor charges her with voluntary manslaughter or first-degree murder. Either way, she seems like a very good candidate for sterilization and a long, long stint in the psych ward.

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