University of Pennsylvania graduate Joshua Bennett has something to say to all the Black women out there.

He loves you. And so should other Black men.

His words come at a critical time for Black women, at the end of a year which saw the media jumping on the “single Black woman” syndrome, tensions growing between Black men and women, and society questioning the Black family. In his poem, “10 Things I Want to Say to A Black Woman,” Bennett describes a Black woman’s worth and the importance of Black men in their lives.

Bennett is a well-known spoken word artist. He recently received the United Kingdom Government Marshall Scholarship for graduate studies in the U.K., along with 35 other winners in 2009.

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  • Darielle

    I know I am pretty late in finding this video but I felt like I should comment anyway. I am a 17 year old black female and this poem literally brought me to tears. It is hard for me to go to school and see and be attracted to black boys but then get shut down because they don’t like black girls or black girls are too “ghetto” or they’re too “loud”. They don’t see the beauty that lies in me because they are too caught up in their stupid perceptions and narrow-minded observations of what black women are like. And recently I have just given up all hope of possibly finding a black boy that will be attracted to me for me and see me for who I truly am (not the stereotypes). So when I came across this video poem my heart just swelled.It was like someone finally understood,like this man sees what I’ve been desperately wanting other boys to see. No I was not searching to be validated nor searching for something to lift my spirits. I just feel like in some strange way that God spoke through this young man to speak to me to show that I don’t have to give up hope and that there are still some black men out there that see the value of a black woman. I feel that this was just the encouragement that I needed to hear.So great job Mr.Joshua Bennett and thank you!The Lord is really working through you to touch other people’s hearts.

  • janet

    What has soceity turned into ?
    Why can’t people just appreciate and learn to acknowledge and give praise when its needed.
    People need to stop hating. Its life.

  • Tiffany

    He’s performing in NY on July 31st at Columbia University. Can’t wait!