Picture-2851Ericka Dotson, the leading hair extension expert, is here to solve all of your lingering weave woes.

As Co-Founder and Director of Marketing and Business Development of Indique Hair International, Ericka has vast experience in hair extension application and maintenance. Her time as a stylist led her down may creative paths. Ericka has had a great deal of experience in creating hair pieces and designing different looks. Her innovative style has been sought after in numerous editorial fashion shoots and runways.

Ericka is the creative force behind Indique Hair. She spearheads the innovative pieces in all the collections and branding methods. Indique Hair International provides the highest quality product and services.

Ericka has put together ten tips to make the wearing of a weave effortless. Following these simple and stead-fast rules will help to keep your hair looking fabulous for longer.

Do Your Research
Consultations exist for a reason. It’s your opportunity to address any concerns, and ask your stylist any questions that you may have, to ensure that you receive a great installation. Tip: Ask to see pictures of weaves that they have done for past clients.

Go to a Professional Stylist
Get your extensions done by a professional stylist who specializes in hair extensions. Check out their portfolio so you can see if their method of styling is what you are looking for. Tip: Make sure your stylist specializes in healthy haircare to preserve your tresses.

When selecting your hair for your installation, choose a length and texture that you are comfortable with and works with your lifestyle. At the end of the day, you will have to wear this hair. Tip: If you are comfortable, you will exude confidence.

Braid Pattern and Size
This can truly make or break a good weave! While there are universal braid patterns, no two heads are shaped exactly alike. Your braid pattern should reflect the style that you have chosen, as well as your head shape. Tip: Make sure your base braids are small. Bulky braids lead to a bulky weave.

A Great Cut
There is a huge misconception when it comes to cutting your weave. Cutting your weave allows for personalization. It could be light layers to frame your face, or long layers to create body and movement. This should be done to enhance the end result, and to make your installation look and flow as natural as possible. Tip: Cut your weave to a style that suits you.

Maintenance: No longer than 8 weeks
Generally, weaves protect your hair from the everyday wear and tear that can result from daily styling. However, keeping your weave in longer than the suggested time can most unquestionably damage your hair underneath. Tip: Maintenance is key.

Textures: Don’t be afraid to mix!
Create your signature style by blending textures with 100% human hair. For example, combining wavy hair with curly gives you an easy wash-and-go style. A relaxed texture combined with straight will give you the perfect blend and with lots of body. Tip: Experiment with different textures.

Your Natural Hair
Always leave out as little of your natural hair as possible if you’re applying a full head of hair extensions that don’t exactly match your natural hair texture. Tip: The less you have out, the less you have to manage.

Avoid Hairline Breakage
Try to leave out ample hair around the edges to avoid added tension around your hairline. Tight braids applied close to your hairline with tracks sewn on them can easily break or cause further damage like tractional alopecia. Always moisturize your hairline at night. Try to use a product that is not too heavy to avoid buildup in your hair extensions. Tip: Take care of your natural hair.

Get Premium Hair
For a weave that has longevity, always use 100% virgin Indian hair, with cuticles running in one direction, from root to tip. Tip: Use Indique Hair’s 100% human and chemical free hair to achieve the most flawless look.

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