Black America’s faux relationship expert, and the latest cover boy of Essence magazine, made a recent appearance on CNN and officially declared platonic relationships a fallacy.

According the 53-year-old comedian turned radio host, women and men can’t be friends. Harvey told CNN that he’s incapable of having female friends. In promotion of his latest book, Straight Talk No Chaser: How to Find, Keep, and Understand a Man, Harvey says this about women’s male friends:

“He’s your friend only because you have made it absolutely clear that nothing else is happening except this friendship we have. We remain your friend in hopes that one day there will be a crack in the door, a chink in the armor and trust and believe that guy that you think is your friend will slide in that crack the moment he gets the opportunity. Cause we’re guys.” Harvey claims that this is the case with women’s male friends 99.9 percent of the time.

Once again, Harvey struts his unempirical “cause we’re men” unsubstantiated relationship advice, and major networks like CNN takes it all in. I know loads of women and men who are genuine friends; they have a sturdy respect for each other, and wouldn’t dare cross the line.

But what do you say? Can women and men truly be friends? Or is a male friend, like Harvey says, only waiting for the opportunity to make a move?

Can women and men be friends? Sound off!

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  • Emelyne

    Steve is half-way right. Some dudes, like him, only make friends with a girl in the hopes of getting the panties and these men (and trust, their are women like this as well) are incapable of platonic heterosexual relationships and wouldn’t know how to have one even if they wanted to. Because of this, these same people turn around and try to label everyone with this personality deficiency; and that’s what it is when a man or woman (especially one who is taken) can’t have a meaningful, sex-free relationship with a member of the opposite sex.

  • I see my man @clnmike here…

    So Mr. Harvey, all the sisters who are my friends for all these years are imaginary friends?

  • I’m a man, and he’s absolutely right.