photo-1Nappturalite Radio was featured in a CLUTCH article, entitled “Natural Hair: The Radio & TV Movement.” The Internet-based radio show was launched in February 2010, attracting over 1,000 listeners. Since then, the show has gained an audience of more than 24,000 listeners worldwide, including fans in the US, Canada and the UK.

Nappturalite Radio is the radio show dedicated to the love of natural hair. The show is hosted by Dawn Yerger and Janel “Jaye” Reliford. Last month, Mississippi born, Atlanta-based actor/model/spoken-word artist, Carlito Arias, was announced as the newest addition to the cast of Nappturalite Radio.

In a press release, Dawn Yerger stated, “Jaye and I met Carlito at the “Men Who Love Women with Natural Hair” event in Chicago where he was featured as one of the spoken-word artists. When we spoke with him after the event, he was so friendly and down to earth. But even more intriguing was how he expressed his love of natural hair. We had been searching for months for a male co-host to bring another perspective to the show. Once we met Carlito, Jaye and I knew that he would be a perfect fit for the show.”

Carlito Arias gives Coco and Creme readers insight into his feelings about the show, natural hair, and inspiring others.

After I did a monologue on why I loved women with natural hair, two beautiful women approached me and told me about their show. It was love at first sight. Things happened so synergistically that it made sense. I call myself an aspiring inspirer. I’m glad to have that platform where I can reach thousands of people at once, and create something special. It’s all about being involved with something bigger than yourself.

Carlito’s Hair Story

I have had locs for four years. When I was a kid I loved to watch Kung-Fu movies, Conan, and movies about knights in shinning armor. I guess you can say that since I didn’t have a father figure in the house, I was raised by the men in these movies. These men were warriors, who portrayed the characteristics of honor and integrity—things I view as God’s gifts to man. The majority of them had long hair and I’ve always looked at long hair as a sign of strength.

Carlito also has his very own “journey-back-to-natural” story. He says that he has worn everything from long braids to even a relaxer. From the relaxer (he only got about one or two touch-ups) he cut off his relaxed ends, transitioning to locs. Carlito believes that the “natural hair movement” is evolution in motion. Stating that, “Hair is one of our greatest forms of expression, but it’s just the starting point.” He adds that once we began to embrace what’s on the outside, we will began to work on what’s inside.

As far as negative reactions to his locs, Carlito has only had a few. “People always tell me that I should cut my hair and it’s mostly older men. But my mother always said I was hard-headed, and I don’t allow people to dictate my joy,” he says. For those contemplating wearing their hair natural, Carlito advises them to, “Go for it.” “When I see a women with natural hair, I get a sense of warmth. She radiates with energy and empowers me,” he added.

Carlito says that he doesn’t understand why some men do not embrace natural hair, “How can you be cruel to a woman who you love the most? Women are our greatest gifts, we should encourage them in whatever they do,” he states.

On His Nappturalite Radio Segment

Carlito has a weekly segment on the show (Carlito’s Way), where he shares advice and words of encouragement for women and men with natural hair. He will also talk about his personal experience of wearing locs, and his loctitian will give tips on loc maintenance and care.

Carlito encourages listeners of all hair types to join in on the Nappturalite show. “I’m not trying to tell anyone what’s right or wrong and I’m not for or against anything that makes people feel good. My goal is to help encourage joy and inspiration. I feel that one of my purposes is to reassure people to stand up and be you,” he says.

Carlito states that, along with helping others, he also joined the show to grow and become more educated. “We don’t always have to embellish our lives, but develop our lives. Humility understands there’s way more to learn than we know.” He also wants Coco and Creme readers to know that he is always available to provide personal inspiration and encouragement to those in need (see his contact info below.)

The Nappturalite Radio Show airs live on Sundays at 5pm CST/6pm EST at Blogtalk Radio. You can also listen in by calling (347) 637-3930. Listeners may also download the archive of the show on iTunes.

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– Laquita Thomas-Banks

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