From Frugivore Magazine — For some, attempting to shave those extra calories or pounds of the scale can be tough; however, it might not be too hard to beat them off in the kitchen. Eating and choosing healthy foods is an important part of eating right, and the way you cook can help or hinder that process. Here are some tasty yet healthy tips that you can use in the kitchen to cook lean with your favorite recipes:

  1. Ditch the skin. Did you know that three ounces of chicken breast skin has nearly 150 calories? It’s the tastiest part, but it’s also filled with unhealthy saturated fat that is not so great for your heart. Try cooking with the skin on to keep your chicken moist and juicy, but make sure to remove it to cut out some extra calories during your meal.
  2. Orange Sounds Good to Me. Add some flavor and punch with very little calories by using some citrus on your vegetables instead of butter or salad dressing. Wash a lemon, orange, or lime to add some zest to your meal and/or sweeten up a fruit or pasta salad.
  3. Brown is Beautiful. Take that mantra into the kitchen and you’ll be cooking lean in no time. Swapping out “white” foods, such as white rice, pasta, or flour, with whole-grains may not help you to reduce calories while baking or cooking. However, the fiber in them will fill you up faster and keep you full longer, which will keep you from going back for seconds and packing on extra pounds.

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