From Black Voices — Women fight over men sometimes. It happens. But when Tameka Foster and Kandi Burress verbally sparred on Twitter over Usher, all we could do was SMH at the foolery.

Usher’s ex-wife and a ‘Real Housewife of Atlanta’ are beefing over the R&B heartthrob. Why are they beefing? Well, it’s funny that you ask because we find the reasoning regarding Tameka Raymond Foster‘s animosity toward Kandi Burruss to be of the SMH variety.

On the Bravo network’s ‘Watch What Happens With Ady Cohen, Kandi entertained a fan’s question of which celebrity she had a crush on. While stating that she didn’t have any “crushes” per se, she said she wouldn’t mind “crushing” Usher because she heard that he was quite the man in the sack (a statement she took back and replaced with Idris Elba during the after show portion online). It was all in good clean fun, but Usher’s old lady wasn’t feeling the idea of her ex smashing the former Xscape member too much.

So what does everyone do when they get their butt hurt over something corny? Air out their grievances on Twitter (duh)! The mother of Usher’s two children blasted Kandi and made the ‘Real Housewife’ out to be a real whore.

Not one to let things go, Kandi caught wind of Tameka dragging her name through the mud and fired right back at her.

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