A New York deejay spun a not-so-hot beat with listeners that got him in some trouble last weekend.

Hot 97 DJ Cipha Sounds made an on-air comment that upset local leaders and members of the Haitian community. The 34-year-old deejay, whose real name is Luis Diaz, infuriated listeners last Friday morning when he said, “The reason I’m HIV negative is because I don’t mess with Haitian girls.”

The station was flooded with phone calls, and callers demanding that he be fired. The interwebs were a buzz as well as listeners took to Twitter and Facebook to slam the Puerto Rican radio host. Several listeners thought it was the deejay’s co-host, Peter Rosenburg, who had made the comment, but Cipha Sounds owned up to it.

missmama85 wrote on Twitter, “Sooooooooo Dj Cipha Sounds has stuck his foot in his mouth. Didn’t we come 2the conclusion that Hot97 hires the assholes a long time ago?”

Diaz, who also hosts parties and deejays for MTV, later apologized on the air, claiming that his statement was meant to be light-hearted humor.

“I made a stupid, tasteless joke that was a one-liner that was taken totally the wrong way,” he said. “I want to say sincerely that I apologize.”

However, all listeners aren’t buying it.

“DJ Cypha Sounds said his joke was ‘taken the wrong way’ & then apologized. Translation: ‘I’m sorry you people are so sensitive.’ Idiot,” Mzanthropy wrote on Twitter.

In addition, a protest was held outside the station’s Soho studios on Wednesday. Rodneyse Bichotte, the first Haitian to be elected to a position in New York office, and John Alexis, a Haitian leader from a local New York union, led the demonstration.

The deejay has been indefinitely suspended from the station. In a statement on Wednesday, Emmis market manager, Alex Cameron, said that Diaz would have to “undertake sensitivity training focused on the Haitian community and specifically the challenges the Haitian community has faced in terms of the HIV epidemic.” He also claimed that the station would use its influence “to increase awareness of HIV and community programs to address the epidemic.”

Listen to the apology and sound off!

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