“Oh you’re a Leo? Hmmm . . . I’m good.”

And with that, the hope for Leo men in the eyes of Sharon Taylor is squashed. Not going down that road again, she thinks, not with their headstrong tendencies, center-of-attention ways, and fool’s gold charm. No. Eff that. I’ll take my chances with a Taurus.

Wait. Shanika used to date one. Didn’t he go upside her head a few times? Naw. Stick with the water sign. Pieces and Cancer. That’s who I’m going with.

And down the astrology rabbit hole another human goes. Whether or not this endeavor has validity isn’t the pertinent question. There’s obviously an element of truth in the characteristics assigned to each sign. Even if one doesn’t pay much attention to astrology (yours truly being one of them), one has to acknowledge that the billions upon billions of stars in the galaxy aren’t up there for decoration. On different days and times of the year, stars arrange in different patterns, thus performing certain actions to the ionosphere (the highest part of the atmosphere).

Over the years, scientists have debated the validity of this claim. However, if we were to examine the nature of our biorhythms, it’s clear that we tend to be affected in ways we’re not aware.

Take the full moon, for example. Ancient cultures viewed the moon as a feminine force, its actions operating in concert with sexuality, fertility and crop growth. During times of a full moon, the sun and moon are on opposite sides of the Earth. The gravitational pull between the two forces represent a tug-of-war, which induces vibrations in the ionosphere imperceptible to the uninitiated human “ear.” These vibrations affect all people, to some extent, causing some to become hyper, depressed, alert, somber or unusually funny.

The term, “lunatic,” was even coined to describe humans beings altered by the whims of the moon (lunar).

Being aware of nature’s effects on the human condition, effects that go beyond our knowledge or articulation, is one thing. Allowing predetermined traits handed to us by astrologists to govern our relationships is another.

Should people be aware of the four basic elements of life (earth, water, fire and water) and their connection to signs? Should an effort be made to reconcile the ancient wisdom accumulated by ancestors in an attempt to figure out the cosmos long before we were thought of?

Of course. The problem is that many would rather apply a standard model to their birthdate without vetting why “these” people say, for example, that you’re overly sexual and fickle because you were born on June 15.

Is dating a Leo really that bad, or was it the fact that the guy you dated was a spoiled mama’s boy who was never held accountable in any phase of his upbringing?

Did that woman really ruin your life because her date of birth indicates she’s a stubborn bitch who has no compassion, or was it because you have no backbone and allow people to easily run your life?

Sometimes life isn’t as simple as looking to the dates and newspapers and coming across a generalized outcome for the coming days. We’d like it to be. But it’s not.

The level of connection we have with nature and the universe is a thing to internalize and marvel at. As humans, we tend to veer toward the metaphysical realm when physical and intellectual comprehension eludes us.

Metaphysical understanding should grow alongside physical and mental understanding. If the three aren’t integrated, then an imbalance results, leaving, say, Sharon Taylor to turn down a great relationship because ol’ boy was conceived on the wrong day.

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