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  • Charismatic314

    I think this look cheapens her. She has such a gorgeous face, with phenomenal bone structure. She should stick with the short hair. Sometimes its best to stick with what ya know. Hence, why Monica went back to her short hair and Toni Braxton (for a little while).

  • Me

    I love Estelle.

    However, when I look at this picture, it reminds me of the hood girls down the block. The ones who are rocking this too fake looking red/burgandy long weave with black roots…and the weave is old and their roots are nappily showing.

    I don’t like it. Estelle, go back.

  • Agreed about the hood girls down the block. It’s not cute. It doesnt even look like a style. I think she looks much better with short hair, especially with the funky styles she usually has. This is just blah.

  • Zah

    her hair used to be so cute! the cut was perfect for her…hope she reconsiders this style.