From Frugivore Magazine — With the holiday season in full swing, it’s not hard to imagine how many extra calories are ingested and how much weight that is put on. But that doesn’t mean there is no hope for shaving off the added weight. In fact, according to a recent study, the time of day you choose to work out can significantly impact your weight loss regimen.

A new study published in The Journal of Physiology and conducted in Australia claims that exercising before breakfast is the best way to get fit. Running or cycling in the morning, the study results say, will significantly lessen the ill effects of holiday munching.

Researchers in Belgium recruited 28 healthy young men and put them on a lousy diet that was composed of 50 percent more fat and 30 percent extra calories, than their control group. Two experimental groups worked out four times a week in the mornings, running, and cycling intensely, while one group agreed not to exercise for six weeks. Two sessions lasted ninety minutes, while others lasted an hour. This experiment lasted for six weeks.

Breakfast intake in the morning was not supervised. Of the two groups that were exercising, one group consumed carbohydrate-rich breakfasts before exercising and continued to take in carbs through sports drinks during their workouts. The other group worked out without eating anything first and only drank water during their training, making up for their lack of food at breakfast later in the morning.

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    I prefer to do this anyway. If I eat one bite of food before jogging, I get miserable cramps. I perform better on an empty stomach.

  • omg

    as someone who is very active – bikes and runs marathons – i hate to see these types of stories.

    the reality is that most people, in this country in particular, are fat and need to exercise. period. when they get it is of little to no consequence. they just need to do it.

    studies like these just erect barriers in people’s minds to exercise. small ones, but they become little mental barriers – ‘oh, i couldn’t exercise this morning, so i’ll wait until tomorrow.’ and just bypass the afternoon and evening because they have an excuse.

    bottomline is, if you’re gonna exercise, do it often and at whatever time of day you can.