The National Women’s Law Center (NWLC) launched the Rally for Girls’ Sports: She’ll Win More Than a Game campaign, calling for an end to gender discrimination in schools that violate the Title IX clause which states that no person can be denied from a federally funded educational program or activity.

According to the NWLC, playing sports on the field has benefits for girls off the field. It improves graduation rates, health, self-esteem, and grants them access to scholarships for higher education. Chicago Public Schools, which have been cited as one of the worst offenders in gender equality on the field or court, deny female students these opportunities. 47.5% of the students at Chicago Public Schools are female, but only 6.7% are athletes.

On Wedensday, December 8th, the NWLC is hosting a national Blog to Rally for Girls’ Sports Day, where posters can comment on the question, “What did you win by playing sports?” and discuss how participation in athletics programs helped you and raise awareness.

Sound off! Do you believe that females should be allowed to participate in all sports in secondary schools? How do you feel about gender equality in sports?

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