File this under “crazy things people do in relationships.” A Michigan man is facing felony jail time for checking his wife’s email. Leon Walker, a computer technician, faces a jury trial in February for allegedly hacking into his then-wife’s Gmail account.

According to Walker, he didn’t hack into his wife’s emails because she had previously given him the password. “She’d asked me to read her e-mails before,” Walker said. “She gave me the password before. She didn’t hide it.”

Walker, his ex-wife’s third husband, claims the emails show she was having an affair with her second husband. After learning this, Leon Walker used the emails to file an emergency motion to gain custody of the couple’s daughter. Mr. Walker also shared the emails with his ex-wife’s first husband with whom Clara Walker has another child.

“He took action with the courts to have himself protected and I took action with the court to have my daughter protected,” Walker said.

When Mrs. Walker found out how her private emails made it to court, she filed a complaint with the police who later charged Leon Walker with hacking.

Although charging Walker with a felony seems a bit over the top, Prosecutor Jessica Cooper stands by her office’s decision to prosecute.

“The guy is a hacker,” Cooper told the Detroit Free Press. “It was password protected, he had wonderful skills, and was highly trained. Then he downloaded them and used them in a very contentious way.”

So far Mrs. Walker has been publically silent on the issue, however her lawyer says that she might be inclined to speak about the case “given the inaccuracies and spin Mr. Walker has put on the story.”

No matter the outcome of the case, maybe this will make snooping lovers think twice about breaking into their partner’s email or voicemail accounts.

Have you ever checked your partner’s email/voicemail? You tell us!

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