Picture-304I can’t recall how many times I’ve heard this plea. The thought has even crossed my mind occasionally. Whenever I’m babysitting my adorable godson, I see how everyone from friends to strangers dotes over him. There isn’t a head that goes unturned when we’re in public. And who can blame them? He looks like he belongs in a BABY GAP ad. His head full of curls. Those thick eyebrows that furrow in curiosity. And that precious, precious pout that protests so many of my requests.

It’s no surprise that pretty people and cute kids get treated better in society. We’ve seen numerous social experiments. In fact, research shows that people go out of their way to help good-looking people of the same and opposite sex because they want to be liked and accepted by these attractive individuals. Heck, we’ve witnessed it in our everyday lives. So it’s natural to want attractive kids, right?

“A person’s physical attractiveness—the look that they’re basically born with—impacts every individual literally from birth to death,” Dr. Gordon Patzer, who spent 30 years studying physical attractiveness, told NBC’s Dateline. “People are valued more who are higher in physical attractiveness. As distasteful at that might be, that’s the reality.”

In a sense, we are placing a higher value on an adorable kid. Of course, we would hope that a parent would love their kids regardless of their features, but are we perpetuating the importance that society attaches to beauty?

Then again, are most parents-to-be honestly thinking about their kids’ futures and acceptance in society? Or are they simply concerned about getting props for having good genes?

Is it a selfless concern or merely superficial? Sound off!

-Audra E. Lord

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  • Very interesting article. The discrimination does begin at birth. I worked in the New Born Nursery for years, and yes the cute babies got all the attention. I confess I am guilty too. I would hold the cuties more, I did not even want to change the not so cute babies diaper. All babies are not cute. My son was so ugly when he was born I did not even want people to come and see him. By the time he was 3, total strangers were commenting on how handsome he was. To the point that I was nervous that someone may try and take him away. And now at 16 yrs old, he is tall, dark and drop dead handsome…. People are aware of their kids looks. Whether they are willing to accept it, is a whole different story. With regards to skin tone, I have dark brown skin and my kids father has even darker skin, and all 3 of our children are beautiful, inside and out….

  • what is cute? what is beautiful? what is attractive? Ask a hundred people and you’ll get a hundred different answers. Anybody who would be preoccupied with the attractiveness of their kids probably has low self-esteem because if you had any type of genuine love for yourself you would KNOW that your children would come out beautiful, just like you. Besides, this is America, our standards for judging beauty are all jacked up. Just be glad your baby was born with all it’s parts and everything in working order.

  • binks

    I think it is a little of both to be honest. The reality is that kids that are consider cute and attractive get treated better and usually gather more attention, it isn’t PC but it is true even in adults! And I’ am sure if we can think back to our childhood and remember we will realize the same. I see it in my little cousins, personally I think both of are cute in their own way but one has reddish brown hair, light golden skin, and light brown eyes and people just flip over her as oppose to her sister who has creamy brown skin, kinky hair, and doe like brown eyes but people don’t pay her as much attention. Sad but a lot of people usually go out of their way for attractive people many studies have been done on that topic and the results are usually the same. It kind of sad that people put people on a totem pole from race, looks, money, etc. However, you do have people that are plain superficial with looks that will go out and literally “mate” with someone to get so called cute kids by having kids with light skin people/outside of the race so they kids can look a certain way. At the end of the day beauty is in the eye of the beholder so we need to stop with trying to make one standard of beauty ideal when it really is not. With all of the things you have to worry about with kids, I would hope superficial beauty would rank as a property

    • binks

      oops…would not rank as a priority

  • I wanted one, and I got one. Yay! But what’s also important is teaching her things, and being a good role model so her cuteness isnt the only thing she has going for her.