Not to put Nicki Minaj back in the spotlight, but a recent Harajuku Barbie incident raised an important question: how appropriate is it for older men to flirt with younger women or cop a feel?

Regis Philbin, co-host of ABC’sLive With Regis & Kelly,” groped Nicki Minaj’s butt on-air after she performed “Right Thru Me” from her newly released album Pink Friday.

He also flirted with her on the show, touching her around the waist and saying, “I love the way you dress. It looks like you have a little strap around you there, you know what I mean?”

When asked on Twitter by a fan how she felt about it, rapper Minaj responded, “LOL. I was in shock.”

It appears that Philbin’s actions were simply innocent—he’s known to be a jokester on the show. However, the age difference between Minaj and Philbin is quite wide (Philbin is a 79-year-old married man, while Minaj is 25), which may make his lighthearted flirty compliments appear a bit inappropriate.  We want to know what you think—do you think it’s okay for older men to cop a feel? Is it appropriate for older men to flirt with younger women?

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