Necrophilia, severed heads, and vampires, oh my! Kanye continues knowing how to keep his fans salivating (and critics talking). While the official version of Yeezy’s “Monster” is still forthcoming, this uncut version recently went viral. And, well . . . we thought we’d share it with you.

Last time Yeeze’s video came up, we had a pretty healthy discussion about misogyny vs. art in hip-hop, and that was just based on the 30-second video clip! I can’t wait to see what we discuss this time.

Oh, and in the words of Antoine Dodson, “Hide yo’ kids,” ‘cuz this clip ain’t safe for the youngsters.

What do you think of Kanye’s uncut version of “Monster”? Sound off!

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  • sher

    I think the video might be an expression of how he thought the world saw him after he interrupted Taylor Swift, a white woman.

    I understand why some would be offended though.

  • “The devil is in the details.