Hey ladies, EDGE online publication recently featured the scrumptious actor, Lance Gross. In a clean and sophisticated photo shoot, women are able to enjoy every feature of his face and body.

Throughout the interview, Mr. Gross explains his feelings about love and what he is attracted to in a woman. Ladies, it’s time to pay attention.

“Love can be the most fulfilling feeling in the world and also the emptiest feeling in the world. It’s no fun when you love someone but just can’t be with them because they aren’t right for you. That’s the down side of love. I’m at a place where I kinda fear love at the moment . . . there’s just that possibility of the down side I’m not ready to deal with again.”

Although he says he’s not running with open arms towards the embrace of love, he knows exactly what qualities he’s looking for in a woman whose love he’d accept. “She’s gotta be my best friend first. We gotta be able to just hang. If I can sit alone in silence with you and have the time of my life, we’re good.” And what really does it for Lance? “I love when a woman is comfortable in her skin and doesn’t have to do much. Just be effortlessly fly whether it’s the way she dresses or just the way she carries herself. I think that’s the flyest thing in the world. That confidence.”

Yes, and he is giving us confidence, all throughout this photoshoot.

– Ellisa Oyewo

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