From Black Voices — This is one brave dude. Or maybe he’s completely bananas.

Either way, Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele, known on this blog as Soul Brotha No. 1, must be one or both to consider making a run for the RNC’s top spot, especially when the GOP’s favorite black dude right now is Barack Obama.

But the truth is another run makes sense for him, and here’s why:
Steele, a former lieutenant governor of Maryland, became the first African American RNC chair about the same time President Obama was inaugurated. Since then, he’s been known more for his political gaffes than his leadership (who can forget how he wanted to give the GOP more “hip-hop” flava).

During his tenure, the Republican party did become more powerful and threatening, not because of anything he did, but because of the emergence of the Tea Party, a rotten economy that turned moderates and Independents against the Democrats and lots and lots of funding from wealthy contributors who support Republicans.

When the Republicans swept the House and gained seats in the Senate last month, they thanked everyone but Steele, and I felt awful for him. This was the guy who was supposed to prove it’s cool to be black and Republican. He was supposed to open up the marketplace of ideas for bringing brothers back to majority GOP voting after a 50-year absence. Instead, though, they ignored him. They acted like he didn’t exist. Actually, I was kinda scared they’d leave him their shoes to shine.

Even still, on conference call with GOP leaders, Steele asked for Republican support, despite expectations that he might step aside, with the message being, “You were the alternative Negro, but we no longer need your services.”

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