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  • Fuchsia

    Why is her look even up for voting or discussion? I don’t expect what Nicki Minaj wears as a performance artist to pertain to anything we would see in the real world. It’s a costume, simple as that.

  • curious

    if she had a natural hair version of her wigs, i’d wear them. haha!

    • Tiffany W.

      She brought out one natural-esque wig. Check her Jimmy Kimmel performance.

  • AJ

    I would have to agree with Fushia. She is always over the top and ….. ehem..she wears costumes.
    I have no problems with that

  • ChoCho75

    It’s like she’s trying to be a black Lady GaGa: can’t understand the reason why they wear the mess they do! :P

  • Bronze

    mmmm…Lady Gaga costumes are works of art and have a theme with top designers helping to create her look. Nic is just a melted bag of Skittles with cheap accessories.

    • pixa

      LOL!!!!!! oh, snap! i agree though, Gags is more highbrow in the costume department than Nicki.