From Black Voices — When you hear that the number of people without health insurance in the United States rose by a record 8.6 percent to 50.7 million, it makes you wonder why there was so much resistance to health care reform.

The percentage of Americans without health insurance jumped to 16.7 percent from 15.4 percent over the last year, the Census Bureau reports. Of course, the large number of people who have lost their jobs over the last year is part of the problem. But a study from the Kaiser Family Foundation found that the cost of health care is quickly rising. Employees now pay 47 percent more for coverage now than they did in 2005 while employers are seeing increases of 20 percent.

The new health care legislation signed into effect by President Barack Obama will eventually provide coverage to another 32 million people. However, many of the provisions in the law do not take effect until 2014.

“If ever one needed an affirmation about how essential the Affordable Care Act is, this is that affirmation,” Ron Pollack, executive director of the health consumers groupFamilies USA told USA Today. “The clear message for people now is that help will be on the way.”

The question is will it be fast enough? Instead of talking about repealing health care reform, incoming Republicans should be looking at ways to strengthen the bill.

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  • Part of the reason why so many people are opposed to the health reform bill is because it puts a personal requirement on them to buy health insurance. Unfortunately, too many people in the US seem to lack the compassion and understanding to support such a system where each individual contributes, but not everyone will make use of the benefits. Too many seem to feel that if they themselves are alright, then are no problems. As the most powerful country in the world, it does seem a bit primitive and selfish. However, the US is not completely alone in this; it is just that other countries overcame their self-centered mindsets earlier in their histories.

  • It is true the Republicans will do everyting to repeal this health care reform. And what will definitely help them is the fact that polling indicates that the law signed by Obama has grown slightly less popular in recent months, which may provide fuel for their efforts to shut it down.

  • More alarming is that even if you DO have health insurance the fees for simple services are astronomical!! When is the last time you’ve gone to the dentist to get something done? It’s slightly depressing….

  • Bloggers can be under appreciated, many thanks for taking the time to post this.

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