The oil cleansing method has been catching on with ladies who want to take a more natural approach to their skincare routine. Over the counter products can strip the skin of natural oils (which leads to overproduction of oil) and leave skin feeling tight.

Using oil to clean your skin may seem a bit counter intuitive, especially if you have oily skin, but the OCM helps to restore your skin’s moisture and cleanse pores.

Though the oil cleansing method is gaining in popularity, it’s nothing new. Shu Uemura’s Cleansing Oils have been around for decades. But if you’re not willing to splurge over $20 for a department store variety, you can make your own for a few bucks.

Depending on specific skin issues, you have to use trial and error to find the right oil combination for you. The most commonly used primary oils are castor or extra virgin olive oil. And a second or even third oil, like grape seed, coconut, jojoba or sunflower is added. Many of the oils have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties or act as astringents.

Natural oils can be purchased at your local vitamin shop or health food store, or online at From Nature with Love for a few dollars.

So exactly what is the process behind oil cleansing?

Your specific oil mixture is massaged into the skin for a few minutes. Place a warm towel over your face and leave it there until cool. Rinse the towel in warm water and place over your face again until cool. Use a cold towel to gently wipe your skin.

The steam from the towel opens up pores and the oil blend remove any impurities. The steam from the hot towel leaves no remnants of oil. Your skin should feel soft and moisturized.

For more info on the OCM, check out: www.theoilcleansingmethod.com

To see the oil cleansing method in action, check out the video from The Moptop Maven.

Have you tried the Oil Cleansing Method? What was your experience?

– Patrice J. Williams

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  • binks

    I am going to try this one out! It sounds bizarre but it sort of makes sense

  • I tried the OCM after being a 6+ year avid user of Proactiv. I just felt like the product was not working anymore. Throughout the majority of my 6 years I had little to no breakouts and relatively clear skin. Initially when I tried the OCM my face cleared up and my skin felt better than ever. However, as the months passed it stopped working and my face broke out immensely. I still have yet to get this breakout under control. I even went to the dermatologist and the prescribed wash and creams dont even seem to be working that well. I have never had a break out so bad. Perhaps I did something wrong somewhere down the line?

  • I have heard of the OCM before, a friend of mine does it, but i never tried it. Instead I do a wash with either a cream cleanser or no sulfate facial wash, and then I use coconut oil overnight to moisturize. In the daytime, I dont wash at all, instead I massage my face with warm water then rinse a few times with super cold water. I have been doing this for a couple months and I am telling you nothing has worked better for my skin. I dont have acne prone skin, at most I get a pimple or two per month, right now I am experiencing birth control pill induced breakouts (which i get when starting or stopping BCPs) but that will go away in a couple days when my skin gets used to it. I read an article in ALLURE by a dermatologist who said washing day and night is really just a ploy that skin care companies use to get you to go through twice as much product, and after trying it and seeing BETTER results (my skin is supple and moisturized) I can say, it’s the TRUTH! Try it ladies!