Blue-eyed soul singer Teena Marie passed away Sunday, just one day after Christmas.

Throughout her illustrious career, Teena Marie, born Mary Christine Brockert, released 13 studio albums and seven compilation albums since bursting on the scene with her 1979 debut, “Wild and Peaceful.” Best known for her work with Funk impresario, Rick James, Teena Marie racked up several gold and platinum plaques throughout her career.

Although she was Caucasian, many heralded Teena Marie’s soulful voice.

“Teena was a black voice trapped in a white body,” said Cathy Hughes, founder of Radio One. “I would always tell her that she was one of the greatest vocalists of our time.”

Teena Marie was found dead by her daughter Sunday, and, according to her manager Mike Gardner, she passed away in her sleep.

At press time, no known cause of death has been released, however, Marie suffered a grand mal seizure, which can cause a loss of consciousness and severe muscle contractions, last month.

Her publicist, Lynn Jeter, confirmed the seizures, and said that the last time, Marie was lucky to make it to the hospital when the seizure struck. “Luckily, someone was there,” Jeter said of that seizure. “The ambulance took her to the hospital, and on the way she had another seizure.”

On Christmas, Teena Marie tweeted, “Sarah Vaughan ‘May You never grow old, and may I never die.’ ”

With classic songs like “Portuguese Love,” “Square Biz,” “Lovergirl,” and “Oh La La La,” Lady T will never be forgotten.

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