Apparently, we’re not the only ones tired of discussing the Rihanna and Chris Brown “incident.” When a fan tweeted the Bajan beauty this past weekend saying, “I luv u bt it’s time u stopped talking about the situation with chris in interviews. How r people gonna move on?” Rihanna soundly agreed.

Although you wouldn’t know it by Rihanna’s slew of interviews since the February 2009 incident that left her bloody and Brown in handcuffs, Rihanna says she is so over talking about it, but the media won’t leave it alone.

“People won’t stop askin abt it!” RiRi tweeted. “Its fuckin annoying! Nobody wants to relive that, but some ppl can’t respect that!”

Rihanna and Chris Brown’s love affair was one of the most discussed relationships this decade. Many followed their every move and thought that they were the perfect couple, and from the outside, they seemed to live up to it. All that changed February 8, 2009.

After news of the domestic violence incident broke, many fans took sides. Chris Brown’s fans, many of which were women, vehemently defended him and even excused his behavior because they claimed Rihanna provoked the attack. Rihanna’s fans rallied, and she put a very public face on the issue of domestic violence, which can leave its victims embarrassed and ashamed. Unlike Brown, whose career suffered after the incident, Rihanna’s career exploded.

Since the February 2009 attack, Chris Brown has rebuilt his career and his fans have continued to support him. However, many have questioned Rihanna’s motives for continuing to discuss the event, even hinting that she talks about it to boost her career. And RiRi doesn’t like how it makes her seem either. “I get it, they wanna raise awareness to young girls!,” she continued via Twitter, “But it ends up just makin me look bitter, pitiful, spiteful and angry!

Despite her insistence that it works her nerves to discuss her relationship with Chris Brown, the magazines still love their story. The December issue of Marie Claire UK and the January issue of British GQ both delve into the singers’ failed relationship.

In spite of the media’s obsession with Breezy and RiRi’s ending, however, Rihanna wishes they’d get over it, because she has. “It’s a moment in my life that I wish would disappear,” Rihanna says. “In my head, it’s already gone.”

Do you the media is still obsessed on Rihanna and Chris Brown’s break-up or is Rihanna fueling their fire? Sound off!

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