Let’s be honest for a moment—if you really want to make it in the fashion industry, you have to be equipped with two things — a) confidence and b) ambition. You cannot be afraid to take chances. That’s exactly the mindset that Philly based fashion designer, Shavonne Deann had this past September during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in NYC. She fearlessly crashed the beautiful courtyard space of Lincoln Center — guerrilla style, to introduce fashion insiders, fans and press to her new self-titled fashion label. The emerging line which just launched in August 2010, is comprised of extremely wearable cardigans, mini-dresses and jumpsuits/rompers. Coco & Creme recently had a chance to speak with the budding designer regarding her line, her inspiration and where the brand is headed in 2011!

C&C: How long have you had an interest in fashion?
Shavonne: I have been interested in fashion since my junior year of high school so I would say about 11 years and counting. Fashion was not my first career option, I must say. (laughs) My first choice was to be a choreographer, RN nurse, then fashion was my last choice. So it was definitely a total different road I was going down.

C&C: When did you decide to start your own clothing line? How did you get started?
Shavonne: I decided to start my own clothing line about a year ago, but at the time I was working full time, wasn’t happy with my job, but couldn’t give fashion my 100% effort because of my job. So long story short, it was a blessing in disguise to now focus fully on my dream and my career. On the other hand, I got started this past summer just by sketching, coming up with concepts then just applying my sewing skills by making samples and deciding to launch my first collection.

C&C: What sets the “Shavonne Deann” brand apart from the rest?
Shavonne: I’m still new, so I’m still developing more and more as I go, so I’m still discovering more and more as I continue to design to get that final niche for Shavonne DeAnn.

C&C: What inspires you? Where do you draw inspiration from when you’re creating new pieces?
Shavonne: What inspires me is everyday people on the street (style), fabric, art, movies, magazines. As well fashion sites/blogs.

C&C: What is your design aesthetic?—How you would describe your target customer/buyer?
Shavonne: My design aesthetic is to come up with a concept, shop for fabric swatches, then design based on all the information I have. Then just by taking that concept and using the colors, shapes, details, etc and applying it to my designs/sketches in a modern funky way.

C&C: What made you decide to go to New York Fashion Week on a whim and have an impromptu, live fashion show outside of Lincoln Center?
Shavonne: One day my boyfriend and I were talking and we were discussing ways on how I can promote my fall collection for lots of people to see by spending little to no money for a fashion show. So the idea of fashion week popped up and I came up with the idea to have a show outside of NY fashion week, straight guerrilla style and crashing it (laughs). What better timing when there’s thousands of people, celebs and press to get crazy exposure!

C&C: What was the overall response like from on-lookers in the crowd?
Shavonne: The response I got back was impeccable! I enjoyed every second of that moment. I got feedback like, “Oh my God you had balls to do this. . . . This is the perfect marketing act. . . . I love your stuff. . . . I’m going look out for you. . . . Next time you’ll be inside the tents!” I can go on and on! But it was great I will never forget that day! Just to get so much amazing feedback from random strangers and to also get incredible feedback from my fashion idol, June Ambrose, as well as Beyonce’s stylist, Ty Hunter, was to die for! I’m just really blessed and happy with the whole experience! In addition to being on NY Magazine as the top 25 stylish people is amazing! I’m just really humbled with all of this.

C&C: How would you describe your current fall collection?
Shavonne: My current collection was inspired by fabrics more than a concept so it consists of warm, soft, comfortable knits with rich fall colors. My pieces are to be coupled with thigh high socks, leggings, boots and/or booties.

C&C: What’s in store next for Shavonne Deann? What can we expect from you and the brand in 2011?
Shavonne: What’s in store for me next is that I’m working on my Summer 2011 its going to be really fun! If the ladies loved the first Fall collection they’re definitely going to LOVE my next collection and I can’t wait! My next collection will have more looks and pieces and consist to about 10-12 looks. I don’t want to give too much away I like to surprise my fans and keep them on edge. (laughs) But definitely expect more pieces, bright and vibrant colors and pieces that have more option to be worn with different pieces. So stay tuned!

Check out the promo video for Shavonne Deann’s current fall 2010 collection..

To purchase pieces from the fall collection, visit the Shavonne Deann official online store here.

-Teena Leone

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