Curvy girls, this one’s for you. VH1, the former music channel turned premier-reality-show destination, recently put out a casting call for a plus-sized party-girl reality show. Apparently, they want to show that big girls have more fun.

The yet untitled show is being billed as a sort “Sex and the City” for voluptuous women, and, from the sounds of it, aims to paint them having a fabulous life.

“Left Right Productions now casting the hottest, most bodacious, voluptuous single women who are at least 21 years old and appear younger than 35 to represent the BBW’s in a brand new docu-series that will show a long-awaited glimpse into the ultra-fab world of big girls! If you have your cake and eat it too, we want to hear your story.

Whether you’re nightlife’s A-list, a full-sized fashionista, big and business savvy or singlin’ and minglin’ with L.A.’s hottest, we want to meet you!”

Left Right Productions has produced reality shows like “True Life,” “Let’s Talk About Pep,” and “Kimora: Life In the Fab Lane,” and hopes to have another hit with this show highlighting “fabulous” big girls.

To date, there hasn’t been a show like this. Most reality shows dealing with plus-sized individuals have focused on weight-loss. In an industry that promotes a specific standard of beauty (i.e. super thin), the talents, lives, and fashions of curvy girls rarely make it to the spotlight. The show’s creators aim to change that.

“There have been shows to spotlight bigger women, but there has never been a show to celebrate being a woman in a body type that they are totally comfortable with,” casting agent Doron Ofir told Fox News. “This is going to be the ‘Sex & the City’ from big girls’ perspectives.”

So if you’re a curvy girl who’s ambitious, confident, and often times the baddest chick in the room, VH1 is looking for you.

Would you watch a plus-sized “Sex and the City” or is this just another reality show you’d skip? You tell us!

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