A hardened fruitcake. A supersize pack of tube socks. A hideous Christmas sweater. A ginormous cinnamon candle. We’ve all experienced that moment when someone you love gives you a gift that you absolutely hate. You really want to ask them, “WTF is this? Do you even know me at all,” but instead you smile and say, “This is so nice!”

The offending gift usually ends up stuffed far in the back of your closet, or worse, re-gifted to some other unsuspecting friend. Economists call these types of gifts “deadweight loss,” but you just call them down right ugly.

The holiday season is not all about gifts, but rather spending time with those we love. It’s about sharing time, sharing stories, and most of all sharing the love we have for each other. But let’s face it, with Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa dominating the winter, there is a good chance there will be gifts . . . and a few bad ones at that.

If you still haven’t completed your shopping list, I implore you, do not buy a “WTF is this?” gift for someone you love. And if you are done . . . kick up your heels and get ready to make room for the inevitable bad gift.

The holidays can be stressful, between traveling, planning for family dinners, spending time with in-laws, and fighting the crowds at the mall, it can easily turn you into a Scrooge. But now it’s your turn to vent, and hopefully laugh, about all the bad gifts you’ve received throughout the years.

Clutchettes and Gents, what’s the worst gift you’ve ever gotten? Tell us and give us all the gift the cheer (and a good laugh)!

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  • Last Christmas, I participated in a Secret Santa circle consisting of about 15 or so people (who were mostly friends) in which I was the only Black person. I received a book called, “African-American Firsts (which is basically a kids book).” I tried to downplay my outrage by forcefully smiling, but when the person who gave it to me calmly approached me and said, with smug slyness, “I knew you would like it,” I almost flipped my shit. It was the worst gift I have ever received. I would have rather celebrated Kwanzaa. Needless to say, the giver of the gift was not my friend then and damn sure won’t be in the future. I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, but the fact that his statement could have had “nigger” added to it without seeming any different and that he seemed to think it was funny made it quite clear what he thought of me.

    • sunshyne84

      I refuse to do Secret Santa ever again! You just reminded me of all the horrible gifts I received. smdh

  • Shawna

    I once received an ice cube tray that would form the ice into little jewels and a bottle of syrup (yes, they were together)….odd. This year on my birthday (from the same person), I received a tiny blue elephant statuette.

    • Jencendiary

      See, I think those would be kind of cute gifts. I’ll trade you this christmas!

  • Cat

    A bedazzled denim skirt and matching jacket from my sweet grandma! I think it may have been acid washed too. This was about 15 years ago, but I’ll never forget it.

  • OhPuhleezee

    A brown and pink cow print purse filled with fashion fair makeup samples.

    • Kema

      I would like the samples! lol!

  • jay

    a gift bag filled with free samples from events.. ie. packets of conditioner, sample size hair spray, gel, a scrunchie and other beauty products. It wouldn’t have been trifiling if they were actually things I can use. They weren’t even for women of color! Lol