Angela Simmons is the latest celebrity to be shot by the fabulous Derek Blanks. Check out the shoot below!

Do you love it!?

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  • Asha

    Don’t get it wrong, I do love Angela Simmons, however, it has become really disappointing how obvious Photo-shop is on advertisements, magazine covers, and fashion editorials. Photo-shop work has become so clearly visible that even my nine year old cousin can tell whether its fake or not.

    Imagine my amazement when after I commented on a picture of Nicki Minaj (her clothing choice) she responded by saying that Nicki Minaj is (in her exact words) “so fake”. Things are definitely looking up (self esteem wise) for the the women in the black community :-)

  • a/n

    Im glad your daughter knows the difference between real day to day women & women who pose in the magazines for $$. Ive started to notice that more children cannot be fooled with whats going on this time in age. My 5 yr. old cousin , she is real smart, if I show her a dress , she tells me which dress is fashionable & whats not ( well according to her, Im 23 so our tastes are way different lol).

    As for the shoot i dont know what to say. I honestly think that this photo shoot is a bore compared to what the media puts in the magazines each month. I think they could have spiced up the shoot by adding different pieces for Angela to wear with vibrant colors. You want women to want to go out & buy that exact outfit or certain pieces from she is wearing… like Kate Middle ton’s engagement dress s( i still want that dress).

    • Kate Middleton’s dress is by Issa

    • a/n

      Thanks :)

  • Joanne_

    she looks good!

  • Me27

    I love Angela…she looks fly

  • Interested

    She looks really beautiful! Love those hot outfits!