Hollywood has been short on creativity lately and long on its remakes and sequels. So this shouldn’t surprise us. Word on the street is Beyonce and Clint Eastwood are in talks to remake the classic 1937 film, “A Star Is Born.”

“A Star Is Born” has been remade twice, once in 1954 and again in 1976. The 1954 remake famously stared Judy Garland, and followed the meteoric rise of singer/actress Vicki Lester, whose unexpected success was dampened by her husband’s alcoholism.

According to The Associated Press Warner Brothers confirms that Eastwood and Beyonce are currently in negotiations to update the film.

Eastwood, who is probably best know for his “Dirty Harry” films, would direct, while Beyonce, who has apparently been pursuing this project for years, would star in the remake.

The producers of the film, Billy Gerber, Basil Iwanyk and Jon Peters, also produced the popular 1976 version of “A Star Is Born” which featured Barbra Streisand.

With all of the talent floating around Hollywood, you’d think we be able to get more than just remixed film ideas, but in this economy, I guess the easiest thing to do is go with films that will make the most bank.

Would you watch Beyonce’s “A Star Is Born?” What other classic films would you like to see remade? You tell us!

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  • isolde

    Well, I wouldn’t say that she can’t act. I thought she was good in “Cadillac Records,” but it’s hard for her to disappear into a role and make you forget that she’s “BEYONCE.”

    • African Mami

      Let’s call a spade a spade and a rose by its name.She may command the stage and do her disappearance acts as Sasha Fierce, but she simply cannot act. I wince and die inside ever so slowly at her lackluster performances on screen. Now if she ever won an Oscar, I too believe I could get a job at NASA as an astronaut without the proper education.

    • isolde

      “Let’s call a spade a spade and a rose by its name”

      Agreed. So I’ll call you a hater. I’ve seen three of her films, Austin Powers, Dreamgirls, and Cadillac Records, and she wasn’t terrible in any of them. In fact, as I alluded to before, I thought she was quite good in Cadillac Records. Beyonce would command more respect as an actress if she shied away from playing entertainers and trophy wives, because in the eyes of her detracters, those types of roles aren’t seen as too much of a stretch for her.

    • African Mami

      LMAO! I like that twist. Ain’t no hater..I gave her props where due, and told the truth and ashamed the devil when it comes to her acting. Horrendous. But respect your point of view though! Peace.

    • starr

      Gonna agree with African Mimi on this one. She’s an amazing performing…even though I”m not at all a fan. I more than willing to say that. But she’s a terrible actress. She can not act. Its not about forgetting that she’s beyonce….she’s just not good. She’s just not actress. Some people have it…some people don’t. She doesn’t have it. SHe has the power to get projects because of who she is, but her acting is hideous. I find her painful to watch as actress. But she’ll keep getting roles…we know she wants that oscar.

  • minna k.

    Beyonce: Clint, so you know how in the movie a star is born? Well I was thinking the star should be ME!!!

  • Sandy

    I still think the reason dreamgirls wans’t nominated for more awards is because of Beyonce’s lackluster performance. Unfortunately movie execs feel that black singers will bring in more money than black actors. You don’t see white actresses having to compete with white singers for movie roles.