When will people learn that going to the homie for medical procedures is never a good look?

Recently, a Bronx, New York woman was busted for giving clients risky, black-market silicone injections. According to reports, Whalesca Castillo, a beautician, made clients lie on a massage table in her salon while injecting them with silicone that she’d illegally shipped from the Dominican Republic. After she injected her “patients” in either the butt or breasts, she’d then seal up their wounds with Krazy Glue. Yup, Krazy Glue.


While silicone injections are fairly safe when performed by a doctor, the procedure can result in serious injury or death if completed by an untrained professional.

“Tissue augmentation using injectable fillers such as silicone has resulted in death and serious injuries,” the complaint said.

“Risks associated with such injections include permanent lumps within the skin, infection, skin ulceration.”

According to the New York Post, when one of Castillo’s victims passed out after an injection, Castillo told her not to go to the hospital because the procedure was illegal.

Ms. Castillo, who is eight months pregnant, was released on $100,000 bond and faces up to three years in prison if convicted.

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