The bold, bejeweled, clip-on has returned from its post-80s exile, and is ascending the accessory ranks as the statement earring gains prominence – everywhere from the red carpet to the runway.

Simultaneously grown and glam, but reminiscent of girly dress-up games, the clip-on lends itself to any style sensibility, and after all, who doesn’t want to channel a little Dominique Devereaux?

Because there’s something a little conservative about clip-ons, they look best paired with unexpected ensembles, like jeans and a tee, a risqué LBD, or a sexy one-piece.  For example:

We love how these Kate Spade earrings look with ankle-length jeans, booties, and a cashmere tee.

This luxe pair by Ippolita is very gypset-chic, and looks simply gorgeous with clean-lined day dresses.

There’s a whiff of the ethereal in these Asos earrings, and they look wonderful paired with edgy cocktail dresses – either second-skin tight, or super-short and loose.

Alexis Bittar’s Safari Dust Clip Hoops manage to merge space-age style with subtle sophistication (and look ideal with high-necked styles).

At first glance, Monet’s faux white and yellow diamonds look straight outta Grandma’s jewelry box, but worn with super-contemporary silhouettes (like ¾-sleeved jackets, and wide-legged flares), they’re instantly infused with youthful chic.

Ylang 23 Vintage’s Slimer-green studs are just the thing to spice up an otherwise sober outfit (or provide a strategic jolt of color to a monochromatic palette).

Bounkit Jewelry’s mother-of-pearl flowers are fabulously feminine! We especially adore how they look when contrasted with menswear-influenced pieces.

A Final Word for the Wise:

If you wear a pair to work, stick with a pencil skirt and crisp white shirt, and whatever you do, keep the clip-ons far, far away from your interview suit.

– Sacha Phillip

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