Well, sorta.

With the third season of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” coming to a close, the people over at Bravo TV have kicked their hype machine into overdrive and the impending nuptials of Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas are fueling the finale.

If you’ve been watching this season, you know that Cynthia and Peter’s relationship has been on rocky ground. After investing over $20,000 in her man’s business, Cynthia was distressed to learn that Peter unexpectedly shut down his restaurant and was strapped for cash.  Their lack of capital had Cynthia scrambling to pay for her super-sized wedding all on her own.

At the end of Sunday night’s episode, it seemed like everyone was trying to convince Cynthia to postpone the wedding until she and Peter stopped beefing (and their money was no longer funny), and when the show ended, Cynthia seemed ready to take her friends’ advice.

The finale’s previews promises big drama and made viewers believe that Cynthia just might skip out on her wedding, which would certainly make for must-see reality TV…except Essence Magazine already burst the “will she, won’t she” bubble a long time ago.

For weeks now, Essence has been advertising it will have exclusive photos of the couple’s nuptials, and in its newest issue, they gave readers a teaser (additionally, they already reported that the two were married back in July 2010).  So much for suspense, right?

In the photos leaked by the mag, Cynthia looked absolutely stunning in a silver, one-shoulder voluminous gown, while Peter complemented her nicely in a pale gray suit and shimmery brown bowtie. The two looked like the picture of happiness—a far cry from how they’ve seemed on the last few episode of the show—but I hope their drama was simply overdone for the cameras.

Recently, Cynthia dished with Black Voices about her fabulous wedding, Peter’s temper, her modeling career, and of course, her cast mates.

Check out a few quotables from the interview.

Black Voices: Let’s keep it real. You have the only real strong-willed husband on the show. Phaedra’s husband, Apollo, follows suit with what she says, too.

Cynthia Bailey: I think Phaedra has a lot of control in that relationship. It comes across like that on the show. I’m not trying to be negative with my castmates, but the dynamics of those three marriages are very different. I think with mine and Peter’s, he is the man in the relationship. I give him that respect. I think he is a complete jackass sometimes, but he wants to handle things well and to be able to pay for things and not stress me out about anything, but that just wasn’t our situation. I wish we could’ve been balling out the whole season, but it didn’t happen that way.

BV: Another thing that some people love about you, Cynthia, is how you’ve showed this whole phenomenon in which women give their men money to build their careers and sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t. Do you regret giving Peter money for the restaurant?

CB: I support Peter’s vision and who he is. I supported his decision. I didn’t say I was going to partner with him. I said, ‘Oh you need this? I am going to give you that.’ It was a business transaction. That was his thing, and I was doing my thing. I thought no matter how much I was in love, I need to get my money back and they didn’t have anything to do with each other. I may be 60 and say, ‘Are you going to give me that money back from Uptown from 30 years ago?’ When you say I need to borrow it, it’s a loan. A loan is a loan. Nothing changed we just got married. I still want it back.

BV: Did you cringe watching the episodes as they aired?

CB: Last week, I got so much response from people. I got hit up by lots of broke people in the world. A lot of people think I am strong for putting this out there and you can’t please everyone. Do I want to watch that episode from last week again? Hell no! I’m like fast-forward every time it is on. This wasn’t a movie. This is really my life and it was not fun. It was very stressful and we were really trying to figure out how we were going to pull this off.

BV: You all just filmed the reunion. Have a lot of things changed since the season aired?

CB: You never get to see interviews where the girls are talking to the camera, so I can do a scene and they could be perfectly sweet to me the whole time and in the interview run me over with an 18-wheeler. I’ve seen the whole season, and I was blown away by some things people said. As far as the reunion show, I couldn’t get there fast enough because I had a lot of things I wanted to address, and I knew that this is the time for me to sit down and really talk about what I was feeling or not checking for.

Sounds like the reunion will be the real one to watch! Peep the rest of Cynthia’s interview with Black Voices here.

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