Tyler Perry says, “Hell yeah!”

Interest in the film was reignited when an advertisement for Tyler Perry’s latest “Madea” film recently surfaced.

The film, “Madea’s Big Happy Family” is based on Perry’s hit stage play bearing the same name and will star Loretta Devine, Lauren London, Bow Wow, and (super fine) Old Spice pitchman, Isaiah Mustafa. It is set to be released April 22nd, and Perry is hoping it follows in the successful footsteps of his previous films.

“Madea’s Big Happy Family” will be Perry’s 11th film with Lions Gate Entertainment, and will center around Shirley, Loretta Devine’s character, a mother of five adult children who is dying of cancer.

Although I’ve never seen the play, I’m sure the usual melodramdic events will ensue, Madea will be her usual sassy, gun-toting self, and Bible verses will be quoted. The end.

Are you looking forward to another “Madea” film or do you wish Tyler Perry would just move on?  You tell us!

[Shout out to Shadow & Act for the image.]

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  • Godschild2

    So of you are ignorant beyond comprehension. Tyler Perry don’t make us look stupid most of us are based on these idiotic comments. Why shouldn’t we have more movies by him he owns his own studio, own his own work, who else in hollywood will give black actors and actress role including our black icons. God forgive these people they no not what they do. If Scorcese or Spilberg were continuously making movies I know for a fact most of you people would run out and purchase it or see…crab analogy alive and kicking that’s why as a whole black people will always be the freaking undclass and will never accomplish anything nor have businesses like the Mexican and Korean so freaking negative, jealous and envious. and suffer for ignorance seriously.

  • DebDeb70

    I say bring on the movies….he’s getting paid, and allowing others to get paid too. You have to admire T.P. man for that.

  • ash

    the mammie is back..just when i thought For Colored Girls redeemed him

    • Isis

      lmaoooo @ mammie. Exactly!!! A hot mess. Me no likey

  • oknow

    the cover is hilarious.. i prefer the plays over the movies but i like him… i don’t care for all his movies but there were some that were downright funny… i’ll go see it.. we go and support everyone else, why not him.?!

  • Personally i enjoy Madea beceause I can relate to a lot of the things in the movies. Sometimes we all need a distraction from all of the seriousness of the world. We need to laugh more and I think TP acoomplishes that with his audiences.Keep ’em coming, while employing black actors and actresses who sometimes otherwise would not have any work at all. Giving Joy + employment ain’t half bad.