Well, the battle of the irrelevant rappers continue.

Foxy Brown recently released, “Christmas Massacre” (in January no less. #fail), a diss track aimed at Lil’ Kim. Apparently, Fox Boogie took offense at the line, “That’s that type of sh*t that other b*tch got killed for” in Lil’ Kim’s Nicki Minaj diss track, “Black Friday.”

Initially, Inga’s diss was set to drop on Christmas Eve at a party in Brooklyn, but according to Foxy, was delayed due to a death in the family.

In the song, Foxy takes shots at Kim’s “Dancing With the Stars Appearance,” calling her a “ballerina dancing b*tch,” and also takes on one of Kim’s most talked about subject, Biggie.

Foxy fires, “That bullsh*t ‘Black Friday’ sh*t was garbage/ How the f*ck you love B.I.G. and sh*t on Ms. Wallace?”

I’m all for battles in hip-hop, they are usually a way to spark discussion, generate some energy, and can be a catalyst for great music. However, this one just seems like both Kim and Foxy are grasping as straws. Wouldn’t they be better served getting on a track with Nicki Minaj and making a banger? I’m just saying.

Listen to a snippet of Foxy Brown’s “Christmas Masacare” & tell us if you even care.

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  • S.

    Who cares? Really… who cares?

  • Shushumama

    Why are they irrelevant?

    • Wendy

      I was thinking the same thing! If they were men it would be called a comeback. It’s sad how women in the entertainment industry can grow stale and irrelevant but men don’t.

    • Tiffany

      They said the same thing about KRS-One when he dissed Nelly. Remember when MC Hammer did that diss towards Jay-Z last year?? They didn’t call either one of their disses a comeback. They called them “pathetic”, “has-beens” and “irrelevant”. The fact that they’re older had NOTHING to do with why their irrelevant….the fact that they feel they need to come out with diss tracks to get a buzz is the reason why, I feel, they’ve become irrelevant and not making a comeback.

    • Donna

      Yes and the same is being said right now about some of the old Roc artists, all of them males.