Who said people don’t get second chances? Ted Williams, a Brooklyn-born homeless man, became an overnight sensation when a video of him panhandling for change went viral.

Williams, 53, was spotted curbside by an Ohio newspaper in Columbus trying to scrape together a living by trading his smooth, velvety voice for spare change. After his life and career was ruined by alcohol and drug abuse, Williams ended up on the streets.

Although he is the darling of the media, life hasn’t been easy for Williams. After becoming addicted to cocaine, and later crack, Williams bounced between shelters, relatives’ houses, and even jail. He has a pretty substantial rap sheet and has served time in prison for infractions such as petty theft, forgery, and drug possession.

In spite of it all, however, Williams’ fortunes have drastically changed. After Doral Chenoweth, a producer with the Columbus Dispatch, shot a video of Williams showing off his memorable voice, the offers began pouring in. Today, Williams was on the Today Show, and the Cleveland Cavaliers have offered Williams a job.

Looks like 2011 is already shaping up to be a very good year for Ted Williams.

Watch the video that made Ted Williams a star.

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