Is it true that Facebook ruins relationships? For one couple it did—and almost cost a life.

Maurice Davenport, a 22-year-old man from Indiana, told local police that he “had gotten into a verbal altercation over a Facebook page” with his girlfriend Shemicka McVey, 21, who was living with him at the time.

McVey stabbed her boyfriend after she discovered that he had made a decision to hide his profile page from her.  An Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department report stated that Davenport suffered a laceration in his left bicep.

McVey told the officer that she had followed her boyfriend downstairs where the couple was arguing and during the dispute she accidentally cut Davenport with a knife that she had picked up in the kitchen. She also claims that he punched her in the head during their dispute. No domestic abuse charges were filed as part of the complaint.

The current relationship status on Davenport’s Facebook page is listed as single.

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