I was recently indulging in reality TV reruns when I came across an episode of “Millionaire Matchmaker.” A stunning Black woman with straight black hair that grazed the middle of her back stood in front of Patti and her team. After a few questions about her age and what she did for a living, one of the employees asked if that was her real hair. The young lady revealed that it was a wig and was coaxed into partially revealing her do underneath.

Why do Black women always have to be rocking a weave or a wig when we have long hair? Why are we not given the benefit of the doubt when White women are? When did a Black woman with long hair become synonymous with wearing a weave? When did a weave become normative, and a real, lengthy mane, the exception to the rule? And it’s not just non-Black men and women who are making these assumptions and in turn perpetuating the myth that Black hair doesn’t grow. It’s across race and gender lines. And just in case someone didn’t catch that . . . it’s a MYTH that Black hair doesn’t grow.

As noted in Who Said Black Girls Can’t Grow Long Hair, while factors such as genetics determine the lengths of one’s hair, with the proper regimen and a minimizing of breakage, long (and more importantly, healthy) hair can be achieved. No weave required. A Black woman with long strands is not an anomaly. I repeat: A Black woman with long strands is not an anomaly. So please stop approaching us asking, “Is it real?” Because whether or not it is, it’s really none of your damn business.

-Audra E. Lord

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  • jones

    Honestly, I don’t need a weave or a wig…although I think some of them are nice. However, I applaud women like myself that sport their own hair at the very least most of the time.

    I keep hearing sistahs, probably the ones that wear weaves, stating, “women of other races wear weaves too”. And it’s true…women of other races wear weaves and wigs, BUT…black women will always be thought of the group that NEEDS IT…think about it for a minute.

    I wish that more black women would celebrate the beauty that is curly kinky hair…but that wont happen as long as the white standard of beauty exists.

    I saw a women yesterday sporting a lace front wig that didn’t compliment her skin tone. It looked so fake that it was almost laughable…If I were a man I would prefer a natural beauty…ie, some one with beautiful little or no makeup, with naturally long or short hair styled and colored to compliment their face.

    I don’t have a problem with someone wanting to look different for whatever reason…but to wear a wig or weave all the time? My question would be what do these people do when they are in the privacy of their home? If you look a 1000 times better with fake hair, do you really want someone to see you without?

    • Alig83

      I agree with your last statement, which is the reason I don’t wear makeup.

  • jones

    True…poorly done…if you are going to sport fake hair…at least…make it look real. I would not come out of my house with a wig or weave unless it was undetectable…