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  • LNicole

    Good night, there’s no pleasing some people. I think Jennifer looks amazing and healthier. There was no reason for her to be obese at her age with such a young family. I am a type 1 diabetic, that means I am insulin dependent and will never be rid of this terrible disease. I wear an insulin pump because my body is not able to sustain life on its own. Why would someone put themselves at risk for such a life because they aren’t eating well or working out? She doesn’t look anorexic or anything like that so stop hating. She still has curves and will hopefully be an inspiration to millions of others in the black community especially, who do not value the importance of working out and eating to live rather than living to eat!!!!

  • Reginald Zellous

    I have been a huge fan of Jennifers from the beginning. I think her new look is the best. Not to mention the health aspect of losing the weight. More power to her.

  • omg

    i think black folk (americans) have accepted being fat so much as the norm that we have a warped perception of what a healthy/healthier weight is.

    of course, some of this is just haterade. lol.

    jh looks great. she worked for that.