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  • Somali_Lioness

    I Like Keri.. I really do…
    But, how come her make-up & hair is always ON POINT, while the outfit is always DISASTER???!!!
    This outfit could be saved by closing those damn buttons..
    Girl, Get a new stylist.. #RealTalk

    • Bronze

      I agree with you. I think it is because black stylist are soo focused on the hair but lack any kind of fashion genius. (just my little humble opinion) but I think because so many sisthas are focused on hair and nails, that they figure that they will just copy whatever ole such and such is wearing. Many black singers are the same.

      I think this is why Rihanna stands out cause she is always exploring new designers from parts of the world only the very wealthy vacation, live and party.

  • misha

    Keri is that pretty girl who is ALWAYS TRYING TOO DAMN HARD to get attention. She would’ve been just fine had she buttoned up her blouse. Instead she leaves it open to show her bra. *TACKY*

    • I agree, she’s always giving extra for no reason. Not feeling her hair makeup or outfit. FAIL.

  • isolde

    Not even Rihanna could pull that (get up) off. Ooh, Skeri gurl, somebody lied to you (giggles).

  • a/n

    Button up your shirt please!! We all gave the “girls” but showing them like this is just plain tacky & saying your desperate.

  • She has the ability to look so very chic and classy especially with the advantage of good looks, but she screws it up.

    Keri…I’ll I’ll be your stylist…because…I got you!