One of our favorite Coco’s Kerry Washington covers the latest issue of Capitol File Magazine. Check out some of the images from her shoot and snippets from the interview below!

On Her Childhood Education:
“From a very young age, the subjects at the dining room table were affirmative action, sexuality education, low-income housing, education reform—the pros and the cons, the ideological histories, the sociopolitical contexts. What has always fascinated me is the relationship between arts and culture, arts and history, arts and psychology, arts and sociology. And so I wanted to study as many aspects of the human experience as I could.”

On “For Colored Girls”
“That play is such an important part of the American canon, but also of the canon for women of color. A lot of us have a ‘For Colored Girls’ poem in our back pocket, the way you’d have a Shakespeare monologue in your back pocket.”

On Her Job:
“I don’t think of it in terms of being difficult. There are much more difficult jobs than mine, like running the State Department! My job does not compare to Hillary Clinton’s.”

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  • George goodman

    Fine as hell, as usual. But this is airbrushed to the max. Have you seen her authentic photos? These ain’t them

  • Asha

    I WANT THAT DRESS!!!!!!!

  • CoreyCombs

    George is right. These photos are big time photoshopped. Lately as beautiful as she is, her bones show in the chest area, her face is more gaunt, and her neck shows lines. She’s hot stick thin or looking like she did, curvy and sexy some years back.

    Chances are the airbrushing is for everyone in the limelight

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