72459337With the economy in a full-blown recession and our wallets in a full blown depression, many smart fashion mavens are going the recessionista route. These savvy sophisticates are finding ways to look their best for less, opting to hunt for secret sample sales, vintage vestments, and online discounts. Some of us, however, continue to live in financial denial in a never-ending quest to keep up with the Joneses. Draped in the latest haute couture, they’re spending money like it’s going out of style trying to stay in fashion at the expense of the security of well-padded savings account. Dressed to kill and broker than the U.S. economy, the retail slaves show no signs of letting up, just like the recession.

While a trip to the mall can be fun and exhilarating, especially when there’s a killer sale going on, the retail slave takes things to the extreme, spending every last dime in the name of appearances. And while they might be doing their part to jumpstart the economy, doing so at the risk of handling their b.i. is plain irresponsible. What’s the point of owning the best gear, when you don’t have a place to live because you chose Prada over su casa?

Signs you or someone you love may be living on the edge…of financial ruin.

If you exhibit any of these signs, it might just be time for you to cut up the credit cards and make an honest assessment of your spending habits.

– Sherri L. Smith

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  • a/n

    Love this article. I have been in financial struggle for sometime now. Im just getting by. I graduated 7 months ago & sought a job in my field. I did end up getting one & transitioned to a 2nd job. I dont make as much as I should but by the grace of The Lord & trusting Him Im thankful for the checks I get. I have college loans & car bills. Its rough. I still want to look nice every now & then when Im not working. Im one of those people who wears the same clothes each week & tries to switch it up lol. but every bit of money counts. If someone is reading this article & is going away to college or is in school, try to get as much financial aid & scholarships as possible. I did get these & it helped ( didnt scratch the surface) . The growing debt in this society is not bank loans or your monthly rent .. its these college loans. Universities & institutions have gone up in prices & so has the banks / private loan companies for the pay back periods. I hope this helped someone

    • a/n

      ** in other words.. save save save your money.

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  • It should never be that serious. You should be able to love fashion as well as also have your priorities straight. There are so many ways to shop frugal and still look great. I think people who take it too far probably have more underlining self esteem issues as well on top of being irresponsible that they would choose clothing over their bills. Who cares if you look cute if your cell phone cut off.