After refusing to go on air to discuss his reasoning behind the creation of a rape congratulations card with CNN, Derrick Ito took to Google to make public remarks.

Derrick Ito, who claims on his Google profile that his real name is Daryl, is the man behind the “youstupidbitch” username which received major backlash on the interwebs for the creation of a congratulations card that was received with mixed reviews as insensitive and humorous. Ito claims that he didn’t want to go on air because he didn’t want to be attacked.

“no way was i going to be live on a phone call or Skype call with them,” Ito wrote. “5 angry rape survivors would have cornered me live on air? no thanks.”

Rather Ito decided he would respond with words. And more cards.

“it might have gone ok if i did it, but it would have been setting myself up for attack on the air. sometimes im quick with the right words, but didn’t want to chance digging myself into a hole. much easier to give a measured thought out response via text.”

In fact, Ito claims that his silence and the press surge from outraged consumers has been beneficial for him.

“i got the press i wanted with them yelling at me and me being anonymous, 1000 unique visitors in the last ten minutes and continuing to climb, orders in, and wholesale order inquiries just came in.

Taking in hand the right to his freedom of expression and speech, Ito has continued to create cards making light of serious conditions. Most recently, he created a congratulations card for new breast cancer patients, children with Down syndrome, and a slew of other cards at his website, youstupidbitch.com. Activists and social media groups have been created to raise awareness about insensitivity and defamation.

Watch reactions to Ito’s cards:

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